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Ana Mirianashvili

Commercial Director,
Chelti Winery

I am Ana Mirianashvili Commercial Director of Chelti Winery. "Chelti" is a successful Georgian wine company represented in 22 countries. My academic and professional background is very international. Since Childhood, I knew I wanted to be involved in the family business, but I realized that excellent academic and professional experience was essential to take this responsibility. I graduated from Bocconi University and IE Business school, where I gained profound academic knowledge in Business and worked in leading international firms. After joining the family winery, the awareness, sales, and recognition of Chelti brand increased globally. Chelti entered the list of Top 20 world wines, started sales on 3 continents, and made its name in 3 Michelin-star restaurants. I travel more than 10 times a year to attend various wine fairs, meetings, and presentations to make "Chelti" and the Georgian Wine name well-known on the international level.

Ana Mirianashvili
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