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Tarja Stephens

Co-Founder, Mission Impact

Tarja is the Co-Founder of Mission Impact, a global leadership network connecting and supporting women in emerging technologies. The company provides a single platform for women to explore and find education programs, future jobs, business opportunities, and capital in Web3, VR/AR, and Metaverse markets.

Tarja is co-publisher of the Women of the Future, Web3 & Metaverse book shining a light on the Top 100 women globally who are driving impact in the world through Web3 and immersive technologies.

She is an avid connector of conscious individuals and brands in the Metaverse & Web3 ecosystems. Tarja is the Miami Chapter President of the Global VR/AR Association which brings together over 55K brilliant minds and 4000 businesses across the globe fostering collaboration on immersive technologies.

Tarja Stephens
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